We found more oak forests by bicycle unbounding

What do by throwing bunch of people into open space | prototype tribe

welcome to jungle area


Keep RIGHT driving

The mountain-like water vapor permeates everyone's emotions, trim and insist on planning for team as startup



A nomad who roams the borderline levels of the theme, a philosophical and mystical character with deep understanding of the world and its mysteries, provides others with guidance and wisdom, but also poses challenging questions and riddles to test their perceptions and beliefs



A scientist who studies oak forests and their ecological impact, smart, analytical, focused and has passion for data and research. provides others with invaluable information and tools to navigate the game's challenges, but also faces ethical dilemmas and conflicts that affect work



A young girl who joins Max on his journey. curious, adventures, and kind-hearted, with deep love for animals and nature. offers others fresh perspective and youthful energy, but also faces danger and trauma that affects worldview

Route #G29

What if for matching thematic link to the other levels, as emergence and combine the appearance of specific landmarks, characters, or objects that tie tasks together, to uncover hidden connections or secrets by exploring the world and piecing together clues, to solve mystery goal within the environment and status, to use deduction abilities to unravel complex conspiracy or enigma.



Easily construct new pages using any of 12 pre-made grids and a huge amount of components and elements.

Half camping

Will be taking tests to figure out where skill preferences that want to pursue.


Cloud tribe

What if making a scavenger hunt game where players have to find pieces of Rubik's Cube scattered in different parts of the city and assemble them into an architectural design


Plant manual

The second test will figure out how perform in skill and see if there is a gap to cover


Front divider

What if use problem-solving skills to figure out how to activate modes A, B, and Y in the system, that could unlock new abilities or features for their bicycle, and repair the route as broken or hidden secrets that discover by experimenting or exploring

Thematic boundaries

What if minimalist or abstract visual style to use simple shapes, colors, and textures to create sense of depth and atmosphere, to rely on imagination and intuition to make sense, and realized with non-linear structure, on freedom to experiment and discover new possibilities. or symbolic or allegorical meaning, representing a larger theme or concept that resonates, and explore topics such as identity, memory, perception, or consciousness. to use unconventional or experimental controls to explore the world by using voice commands, gestures, or biometric data to influence the game

War zone A

What if bicycle as means of transportation and survival, scavenging for resources such as food, water, and fuel while avoiding different team or groups, while encountering different factions, each with their own agendas, tactics, to ally with some groups and fight against others, or remain neutral and try to negotiate a peaceful resolution. to use tools to survive in the war zone, such as hacking devices, also will based on story and characters, to save civilians, rescue "hostage", or protect valuable assets, prioritize own interests and goals as requirements and pre-condition or randomized

The waters

Distribute passes, ~1000000, let the number hit the top, stimulate the head, no wait for spectators, be pushed, sleepy window


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