Cloud tribe

What if making a scavenger hunt game where players have to find pieces of Rubik's Cube scattered in different parts of the city and assemble them into an architectural design


Social tribes: who making mobility options


Cloud tribe

Acting in the place of existence, becoming a reason and a route


Meet and talk bar

Stealing" the other party's intelligence, in the corner where it's easy to handle


Foreshadowing of repulse bay

10,000 people, the audience pushes you and the luggage you didn't take care of

Social interaction

What if we make the game about creating an imaginary world, using prompts from nature for symbols and faith


Work. study. continuous innovation . love. invisible architecture. excessive packaging . product homogeneity


The social value of 5m2

WARD lab

What if you yawned here and signed the # voted claypot rice and borscht



Embodied gloves

What if you picked up the glove that someone pulled off and chose to return



Attribute radio

What if you got message as attribute of radio from outside group that without notes


Front sight

Suitcases, train tickets, companions who discarded self-heating meals, passes, and the urgent call of the ex-boss who was suppressed

Technologists defend their rights

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What if you make user path as option for service design as dealing from micro-data

Strategic cooperation of power bank

What if area Service elements limitation factor Push the door open, and you can see your gesture

Coffee concerns

What if Movie ends, people choose to keep watching

Kite-flying cinema

around the table

Street Literature Club


What if bring Cinema Teresa biological and socially expressive by creating a unique social space within 5 square meters. It could be an outdoor movie theater, a small free library, or even street circus


from train mapping

Fleeing general guerrillas will be

What if collect and use resources and tools, such as lanterns, maps, and compasses, to navigate dark and dangerous tunnels, avoiding obstacles and enemies along the way



Codebook to help catch the guerrilla general, but is guarded by series of puzzles and obstacles



Broken train cars, burning debris, and moving goods blocking their path



Successfully restored the communication system and received message from the conductor. The conductor explained that the train was running out of gas and had to go to the engine room to fill up the tank Game on

What if levels as

What will be more sustainable acting by environment response that become key elements

do that with Momo

What if you do not hold grudges, do not make assumptions, do not isolate the food market

Time traveler

What if as a time traveler from the future, who had come back to the present to prevent a catastrophic event from occurring on the train



What if alien that had crash-landed on the train and now trying to repair their ship while avoiding detection from the train crew and other passengers

Rival train

What if a rival train company trying to sabotage the mission progress, creating additional obstacles and challenges with material or props encounter


What if becomes the ideal cleaner while keeping an extremely careful eye on every compositing move and set list

Running enthusiasts

What if will be a great opportunity to get referrals from all users and co-lead the design and implementation of the levels


The partner

What if Who puts cute spoons and bento picks in the lunch box

the whole city -> game of chess

Fresh guy



What if make walking tour of different neighbors, and to take photos or videos at each location that illustrate how they think the neighbors would benefit from their social collaboration

Mobile phone

What if have communication challenges within 5 m² space to establish each other's position and authority, and open the next channel to identify true and false tasks and topic selection



What if to competing to move the most objects in 5 m², and finding resources and build shelters, create most beautiful space using only objects that are found around them

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