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Game box

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Attribute: July 27, 2022

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Game is a trap?

The game box is loaded with this trap, dividing the real part.

You are enjoying this honor exclusively, in order to create a false world, use it as the output of the outside world.

We understand that gamification is gaining roots in the hearts of the people. As a reliable operating principle, it is building a larger-scale suggestion system. Including for

Characters, characters, stories

in progress

Become an exclusive formula that everyone can enjoy.

The game is one-sided and overall. It believes that its own reality simulation and external penetration are being questioned. At the same time, it also creates more attention.


Settings and arrangement.

Through goals, tasks and rules, the game establishes basic rules, which are exported to the outside to compare the asymmetry of the external system.

Do you believe this is effective?

What are the disadvantages? Just

Unnatural outpouring

Very narrow setting

We imagine the game jumping out of the original world, and its behavioral logic is capturing the "freedom" we seek. Unfortunately, this "freedom" still lacks inevitability because of the basis of biological evolution or the lack of social responsibility.

Therefore, we question the practical significance of the game, which lies in avoiding the problem and in the failure of identity.

You can't take it for granted to be yourself,

In the game, we lock the task and meet the requirements of the rules to compare the results. Maybe this is an instinctive reaction and the premise of the design. What went wrong?

We made a slight improvement to break out of the established cycle, because reasonable requirements cannot be questioned and repaired.

Since then, focus on games and tasks, just like the frame of a game box, it becomes the initial state.

Real world

It is precisely the idea that you need to pay attention to yourself, your established route, and the rules cannot be ignored. Likewise, you cannot evade yourself and become an auxiliary option. You must complete a breakthrough in autonomy.

In this regard, will the game be a good partner?

We still believe in the role of its inheritance, and at the same time, acknowledging its bottleneck and not adopting constructive requirements to allocate camps, so we can modify the game box settings:

Status and deferral of status

Links to actions and actions

Possibility of social interaction

Use the above settings to complete the system requirements and look forward to avoiding detours.

The game box is simple and does not have many mysterious tasks. Most of the time, it shields our demands and is shelved.

In the next step, it can achieve a more open pattern and change the structural switching, which is the ecological law for our smooth transition.

Back to the original design concept, the benchmark that the game still maintains is

+ Solve the problem+ Manufacturing problem

In different fields, put forward a practical basis for social design, is

Break up

This mode can abandon the inherent story routines of the game, and will not get lost in the loop, that is, it is not task-driven or a system constraint revised by the goal.

The establishment of agency through social elements essentially converges and the realistic meaning of behavior is constructing the social attributes of the subject.

As a design requirement, the game is selectively added to the system design to achieve global or local optimization, which has an inevitable connection to organizational effectiveness or external effects.

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