What if game for reality

The fox and hunter caught a bird with colorful feathers and confessed to the bear kids and the ”sympathetic expression“ who wanted to find the buoy


Reality mining

Open familiar and unfamiliar city, many possibilities, from embodied cognition, bionics, fermi problem, microdata, group strategy, to construct behavior paths, more orderly and full of external effects tum non habiet







Game engine

Learned social expression, everything happens silently, to trigger a certain switch unexpectedly, or take the initiative to go to a certain tribe, people greet you, hint, or stay, waiting for the opportunity


Why fun awesome

A sailor who has never taken risks, can not be a captain, do you believe in the ability to tell stories, or do you have a systematic approach


What will be for environment response

Easily generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports with just one click.


Emergence, worldbuilding and social change

Behavior be designed city blueprint and gradually written into the business plan, the walls of the enterprise torn down, and people attack everywhere, retaining the spirit, and stepping into areas that have not been involved, you do not want to be recognized business talent, but more willing to capture social perception and reverse underlying logic

Mission for meaning

What will be unproductive behavior


Walk through Martian camp & intense dance

What if contains zero-gravity elements, and make Mars camp & fierce battle somatosensory one combined with haka dance

Open mysterious package - hidden task list

What if use same premise, more humorous tone, with prompts more lighthearted and fun, as “hotel lobby” as starting point, followed by “working elevator” for coming levels, ending in an unexpected recipient to deliver the mysterious package

Borrow symbols to transform urban toilets

What if involve scavenger hunt for symbols, hidden throughout the city, search for and collect these symbols in order to transform urban toilet into something else,or go around finding collecting objects that mismatched with uses

What if to be game developer

What if the game uses physical puzzles, with elements found in nature and scattered around the forest, that you have to find by bicycle

We found more oak forests by bicycle unbounding

You are a plankton, floating in the blue area, a dangerous close relative, Mr. Jellyfish, who is sleeping and has a tiger shark a few hundred meters away, has smelled you, and you have not dried hair, floating plastic particles.

Diver licenses

Play for meaning in your design as most fun tools

Target route

Structural and mechanical contest, we try to propose synthetic agents

Clever craft

This will be group thinking as your acting like partner or potential opponent

Prominent position

The titles you like and care, that can't decide anything, you can "monetize" or selling

Single dog plug-in system

Act as developer

Play, construction, fun, meaning, skill



Based on activities around making a cup of coffee, as finding ingredients, grinding beans and brewing


Have a narrative elements, explore and discover stories about your local soccer clubs, learning about history and culture


Mechanics will

Game thinking as brewing this pot of "soup" appropriately, The soup is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, cellulose, protein and fat, and the taste is wafting freely







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