Target route

What if make fun tech as serious meaning for design solution

Still in activity of social design with behavior

What if make big deal as kids thinking in problem-solving




Problem solving


Products and services




Themes in



in creature mode in that kids thinking as level design

What if with creature as reaction target to capture your behavior


Starting line

What if you have to compete against other opponents controlled by advanced different algorithms? create competitive environment right from the beginning, outperform intelligent adversaries in controlled layout and reaction



What if, you have the ability to temporarily freeze others action? would allow to strategize their moves and navigate through complex obstacles with greater precision, ensuring quicker completion of each level.


Detailed instruction

What if in the form of interactive holograms projected into the player's environment? interact with the holograms, receiving real-time guidance and visual cues to enhance onsite experience


Mobility bureau transfer order

What if you have to perform unique physical gestures in sync with their in-game avatars and main task? This motion-controlled gameplay would create more immersive and interactive experience, requiring you physical mastery in addition to decision-making skills.


Open school

What if simulations of real-life scenarios in problem solving for specific application in given problem? practice navigation and problem-solving skills in safe and controlled environment, earning certificates or special perks upon completing specific virtual courses


Online cod

What if used to create and share custom challenges with the business pack? They could design their own obstacle courses or puzzles, challenging to accomplish specific tasks within given settings, and earning rewards for move forwards based on return of capital and material

Join Target route

What if you designing your career with most fun


What if you designing your career with most fun

Character as your feature designed

Nickname as Shadow Runner, skilled and agile individual who excels in navigating through challenging obstacles. possess a mysterious aura, often appearing like a shadow before anyone can truly grasp their presence.

Alex turner

Nickname as InfoTek, tech-savvy and resourceful one who acts as guide and information hub for you. With extensive knowledge and expertise in technology, assists in deciphering puzzles and decrypting codes throughout target routes

Emma montgomery

Nickname as the Wanderer, seasoned traveler and adventurer, offering valuable knowledge of hidden paths and secret locations within the city. With trusty companion, loyal canine named Sable, Marcus brings a sense of exploration and camaraderie to your journey

Marcus hawthorne

Whose job wayfinding system take

What if you designing your career with most fun


Entrance as motion mechanics


Grant manuscript

What if presented the city's history as series of interactive narratives of toy elements, encouraging you to explore specific locations to unlock immersive storytelling experiences,blend education and entertainment, providing deeper understanding of the of city's rich lore



What if projected elements but also allowed to replicate related objects within the city? interact with versions of their real-world belongings or use tools to overcome challenges, fixed the routine as for various application


Number of baits

What if feature allowed you to capture virtual creatures and train them for specific tasks? could strategically deploy creatures in challenges to gain advantages, creating unique ecosystem where the captured creatures can evolve and specialize over time


Sniff through

What if feature unveiled hidden elements of city through your sense of smell? By utilizing scent-based technology or incorporating scented markers within the city, you could detect and follow scents to discover secret paths or uncover hidden rewards.


Duplex main attacker

What if the city would constantly transform, presenting you with shifting landscapes, moving platforms, or dynamically altering obstacles. need to adapt strategies and react quickly to overcome ever-changing challenges in dynamic and thrilling courier services


Left-right appraisal bureau

What if involved dual perspectives and decision-making for you, would experience 2 different perspectives simultaneously, forcing to make decisions and solve puzzles that impact both viewpoints. adds complexity and requires to think strategically and consider the routine design of their choices from multiple objective


Auxiliary channel

What if included secret hidden paths and alternate routes, you would have the opportunity to discover hidden passages, shortcuts, or secret routes that lead to unique rewards or help to bypass difficult challenges.


Loading tree

What if integrated resource management as you progress through the city, would encounter "Loading Trees" that require to make decisions on how to allocate limited resources, such as time, energy, or inventory.


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