Long shoot while seeing a cat

What will be by leaving cat alone | If the boat ticket


I'm doing great now

What will be classified by cat attribute with modifier


Position defense battle

What if to defend a cat house made of cardboard from stampede of toy elephants? would have to quickly rebuild walls and block passages


Garbage works

What if to sort through garbage dump to find parts to fix and build makeshift cat toys?could involve designing toys from unlikely objects.


Flying friends

What if to rescue flying cats trapped in zero gravity by constructing elaborate chain reactions out of floating debris?


Big deal

What if to spot camouflaged cat hiding in a huge pile of stuffed animals at a giant carnival


Big tub of yogurt

What if takes place inside surreal, sci-fi yogurt factory where cats are camouflaging inside giant chambers of sentient yogurt?to navigates catwalks high above vast rooms filled with strange, glowing, psychedelic yogurt. while cats are blending in by pretending to be giant yogurt creatures with ridiculous costumes.


Add ink Mr. and fishing

What if Add Ink Mr. invented machine that can digitize real cats into a virtual painting game world. machine malfunctions and begins sucking up stray cats from around the city and dumping them into virtual world

Through alleys & windbreaker buttons


The landing point of the claw









Cat's creed

Station as vertical store

What if level design of level in cat sight by your side


what will be texture for seeing a cat

Solo dancing

Orange #9

What if to identify cats hiding inside mailboxes to surprise postal workers delivering mail

Canned gimmick

Flashlight shape



That thing about start-up


What if to identify cats dressed as start-up CEOs giving product demos at a tech convention, mixed into the real crowds?

Member of civilian route

made of recycle material form social expression


as Team as

We appropriately propose cat food as a reward


Canned dock team

Busy shipping dock loading

Durian pancake set

Run a popular durian pancake street food cart

Spend money without interrupting set

Have endless wealth and spend frivolously

Lone traveler impatient team

In journey solo and in rush

Not at all quack set

Non-conformist and unusual

Roll roll team

Love to skateboard. activity in haunt

About the same size set

Bond over shared height. at amusement park

Egg ice cream flying team

Family comes first.

Order tracker set

Closely monitor product shipments

detailed Plot preset >


to Catropolis

What will be happen in Catropolis of urban cityscape made entirely for cats, with skyscrapers, transit systems, parks, neighborhoods and cat-scaled city elements. with fish market, yarn factories, rooftop gardens, napping hideaways and scratching posts on every corner


by Mew-topia

What will be as space age harmony.with hoverboarding on anti-gravity walkways,traveling via teleportation pads,relaxing under simulated suns in climate-controlled habitats,snacking on space-age cat treats


The shoemaker & his partner

What if start getting mysterious ingredient deliveries they didn't order? to help figure out who is sending strange materials and why.


30956th manhole cover

What if to explore escher-esque city of non-Euclidean geometry, filled with infinite upside-down staircases, looping corridors,repeating patterns to finally locate the one special manhole cover that allows entry into the secret underground Catopia?


Yuppies who n't guess riddles

What if to investigate ransacked yuppie cat apartment for clues and decipher cryptic coded riddles sent by the unknown cat burglar in order to thwart their next heist target


no Redundant add-ons

What if to tidy up hoarder cat's chaotic mess of collections and organize items in creative ways so that no item is stored redundantly, arranging housewares,trinkets and knickknacks innovatively

What will be the most fun cat that deliver the gossip about theme park



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