Generalized trouser pocket

What if the world in the pants pocket can establish semiotics and popular elements

Gossip cloak

What if have breakout from pocket


Sewn trouser pocket edges

What if cute edge make dealing as sealing the design border



The tingle tunnel

Collapsible tube with soft, spiky ridges inside. running fingers through the tunnel provides stimulating tingles


Pocket Planetarium

Mini projector displays drifting stars/galaxies onto walls.settings for mesmerizing ambiance

Tooling as

fun code


Mood block

LEGO-like blocks for channeling focus into making calming patterns, art, sculptures


Acitivity support

What if held pocket grabber? Reach/grab things without bending down. Helpful for challenges as focus on activity

Summer camp = option{

Pocket-sized bingo cards with different flora/fauna. Find and check off species for rewards

Nature bingo

Device lights up and plays sounds when rare animals are track elusive creatures

Beastie detector

Multifunctional shelter that reconfigures into different shapes/sizes at the pull of a lever

Tent transform


people running around the corner

Born as gift to teach the environment behavior

Nature DJ - scanner that samples animal/plant sounds to remix into funky bio-beats. Makes ecology funky



Group session to rescue the moving package

For delivery interests

Bus 69 & the whole city race

by your station named as.


Exterior stairs and their owners


Thumb tips gloves

go home for dinner by


In the hunting telephone kiosk & the label of wanderer artist

What if


community n't in U talk show

Plotting sport

miniature felt game board and characters ,unfold the board and use the pieces to act out collaborative stories, Encourages fluid, imaginative group storytelling and social bonding


Construction manager game

Manage resources and crews to complete projects. Send out trucks, purchase materials, hire workers with different skills as assemble buildings against budget.

Icebreaker cards

With questions and conversation starters to use when meeting new people. Builds connections


Stress ball that helps relieve anxiety in tense social situations

Symbol of good luck

Smooth glowing stone etched with arcane runes, to promote hope, confidence, motivation, shift subtly emitting a low, calming hum, to attract good fortune, can be gently shaken like dice to provide an oracle reading


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