Fake action

What if you are around the table


table no formal pursuit, just shapes the framework and the mechanism.

designer-saved game, or is it a trap



What if learning will be nothing but tips by embodied cognition


Preferred agent

What if be randomly assigned 2-3 items, then had to trade, barter or come up with creative exchanges to get a full matched set of all the items around the table.

key: pencil, sticky note, toothpaste, corn cob, keyboard


Road show

What if to tell a cohesive story involving all the items as key story elements - plot around a mysterious box, lost phone, important spreadsheet

key: empty box, mobile phone, excel template, flashlight, building blocks



What if to dismantle and reassemble the calculator and pencil sharpener blindfolded wearing gloves, relying only on verbal guidance from teammates.

key: calculator, 10%, gloves, pencil sharpener, beetle

Starring and supporting roles

What if everyone draws lots to decide the team members


honest and cute options by.

Sequels and reviews

What if many users found many uses in next and opposite


more settings by enviroment repsonse.

Reach to



Scenario design and rehearsal

What if mechanisms by which ratios and integrals do not work

Chocolate roller skating

What if to decode mixed up train timetables by identifying hidden patterns in chocolate smears left behind as edible stamps on the papers.

Key: Chocolate, Ludo, gossip, lost data, train timetable

Design model

What if to quickly swap positions around the table based on dice rolls, requiring intense focus to assemble a moving design model without losing tracker pieces

Key: Displacement, focus, expression, design model, tracker

Parallel lines

What if to tap on elements projected onto the table to sample and remix the sounds into an original composition using parallel and layered musical lines

Bottle progress

What if secret message hidden under the label of the empty bottle,to uncover by inconspicuously peeling it back as the bottle gets passed around the table? The audio narration gives clues about letter decoding. The progress bar tracks how many letters they've revealed

Key: Empty glass bottle, glass bottle half full of blue liquid, progress bar, audio clip

Position reload

What if papers are actually maps of the table,to creatively fold them into database objects and subtly swap seats to match the map layouts. Their new seated order solves a puzzle

Key: 5 people, 6 blank A4 papers

David code

What if "David" gives color-filtered glasses through which they can see otherwise invisible QR codes projected around the room. They have to scan the codes with their phones under the table within half an hour. and tell what will be David

Key: there's a guy named david, light, half an hour

Cycle in

What if be given a decryption key allowing to covertly decode messages hidden in the Excel reports by circling certain cells. The decoded results provide productivity insights that allow to secretly rearrange the Kanban board Post-Its into more optimal workflow order per the flow chart's specifications.

Key: Excel reports with data problems, task descriptions, business flow charts, hypothetical problems


What if under each seat was backpack with gear for different adventures like scuba diving, rock climbing, safari trekking. and the dice rolls generated challenges to overcome on those quests using paperclip tools? Their greatest adventure triumph would steer them to the matching seat

Key: Character cards, dice, paper clips

Open position


User tips


Unleashed stories and interface design

What if believe in market decision making and relative temper and adaptability

Make complaints & initial encounter

What if in top level of self learning be captured by experience

Prototype campaign

What if one minute to complete "simple" tabletop challenges using everyday objects? Races to stack most cups, bounce ping pong balls into glasses, build tallest stack of cards against the clock



General choice

What if choose between table that fights back with built-in pranks/traps or helpful table that gives clues and aids? Outwit the tricky table or collaborate with the kind one.

180 degree corner

What if corner hid secret storage cache? Finding mechanisms or unlocking codes could make new items/power-ups appear from within.

Left-Right appraisal bureau

What if presented tangled web of clues encompassing poetry, art, science and maths. need to make connections across disciplines.

Guarantee clause

What if had guarantee clause that would randomly activate? would have to quickly adapt when rules suddenly change or hints are revealed at critical moments

Indigo pure

What if there be indigo pure marking that randomly appeared on table each day? would have to decipher meaning from its placement and size.


Diligent calculation formulas and fortifications for wealthy collaborations?

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