Balance line

What if to adaptive system with coarse graining

Coarse-grained How to 'pre-sell' behavioral Patterns

What will be creature intelligence process-oriented


What if the radio's flex settings now have a gender attribute

The gender attribute radio

Fermi problems {0} distance

How to become an agile maker

Running fast, movement frequency and exoskeleton

What will be effective way out for product design as sight of creature intelligence

Process orientation and user model as environment factor

What will be balance line

The Lab base for fun code that in section of adaptive system

Processing | properties

Breathing keyboard

The keyboard escapes the control of its owner

Mirror of social repairing terror

The mirror eliminates unnecessary options to make it comfortable


What if the painting begins to undergo edge calculations to avoid being hidden

– Shy painting

Backpack opens travel with music

What if music make material for backpack


What if group training and augmented reality for ball games

– Water and wood system

Emotional convenience store

What if convenience stores choose to arm-wrestle to measure output

Desperately expression

What if texture calculated from molecules


construct molecular models with complex molecules and understand their structures

match Pattern

Host cooperative activity or theme subject to solve complex molecular puzzles


Ensure maximum applicability. to get settings of materials for specific project


A piece of 'brown sugar'

What if take it easy for earphone while leave space for testing

Design elements telling


Group dynamics sandbox

real-time changes in group dynamics under different environmental scenarios

Creature translator

reveal 'conversations' happening in nature, providing insights into creature activity

Habitat mixer board

mixer-style console for blending and creating new habitats, create custom habitats, discovering perfect balance for each creature?"


to neutralize noise pollution, creating more peaceful environment for sensitive creatures



to analyze and supplement natural food sources with essential nutrients to fit environmental changes

pattern Weather van

in shape of fantastical creature, change pattern to indicate upcoming weather changes, as interactive art form

Escape route

What if instantly analyze building's layout during emergencies, generate safest and quickest escape routes, dynamically updating as conditions change

Corn recorder

seamlessly integrate into various environments, capturing sounds and conversations, to identify key moments or phrases, creating 'highlight reel' of daily interactions. translate into visual or musical compositions


Sudoku application model

What if optimize warehouse layouts, effectively determines most efficient arrangement of items, ensuring quick access and optimal space utilization. reflecting incoming and outgoing stock


Coping with situations approximately = to


raw Blue

What if fragment of the intelligence from the 'Balance Line' laboratory? adapt a 'raw' behavior agent with sensors that change state based on the user's touch, symbolizing initial phase of creature intelligence development


Dipole 2.5

What if representation of the dualities within the 'Balance Line',contain pair of interconnected tools that exhibit opposite behaviors


Dash like

What if embodiment of speed and quick thinking within the 'Balance Line' world? within behavior agent that once activated, moving in patterns that challenge the owner to keep up

family of 'Balance'

Invest and learn something filled with 'emotional value'

What if optimized for execution system in learning


What the compass effect betrays

The lens language of magnifying glass


Chemical reagents and popular symbols


Tape with traceability rights reserved


Front diving area and shallow water area

Waiters who get paid

What will change the 'balance line's charter?

Competition among peers


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