After the behavior

We will definitely find a reason, but the smallest, most direct, or most likely factor that is often unclear is beyond the reach of the remaining light, or the deep memory, the original answer remains.

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Thorough travel is not at the head of the bed, you stuff it in your bag

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    on the way

    We may only be able to stay on the road, we can’t see our heads on both sides, there are no established rules and judging conditions, we can persuade many possibilities to give people around us, hoping they follow, this is a sense of security, and the beginning of the transaction.

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    The basis and possibility of collaboration to produce transactions, for the external space, it is a catalyst full of excitement, because of reciprocity and straightforwardness. Simple and direct, can dilute each other's hostility.

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Instructed? Secret mission? Point
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Fashion is "itchy", there is a moment that comes out of the air every year, creating clues, dragging and pulling to a large piece, and also making a big wave, "Popularity", this rise and fall, fashion is sometimes like the wind in the mountains, want to stop the desire, by popularity, it spawns new branches.


Fashionable watershed
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